Girl Gone Wild: The 10 Craziest Moments of Rihanna’s Year So Far


When Rihanna released her sixth album, Talk That Talk, last November, we got the feeling that she was turning a corner both as a person and as an artist. While she’d certainly dabbled in some things from the dark side on her previous album, Loud, in 2010—there were songs on it called “S&M” and “Man Down”—Talk That Talk took things to a whole new level as far as risqué content and pushing-the-boundaries go. Rih-Rih was no longer the bubblegum pop star we’d grown to know and love. She was a full-fledged woman making her own decisions (for better and worse) and living life by the seat of her pants. The release of Talk That Talk was a moment—her moment.

And yet, she’s somehow managed to up the ante in 2012. Although we’re only one-third of the way through the year now, Rihanna has kept her names in the headlines thanks to a series of crazy moments that have helped cement her new public persona. Judging by the things that she’s said and done so far this year, it’s clear that she wasn’t just putting on an act when she did press for Talk That Talk late last year; she was giving us all a sign of things to come.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. To prove just how nuts things have gotten for Rih-Rih, we put together a list of The 10 Craziest Moments of Rihanna’s Year So Far. From her collaboration with an old flame to her fling with one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, it’s already been a busy year from Rihanna in 2012. And, if we’ve learned anything from her behavior so far, it’s that she definitely subscribes to the notion that you only live once (YOLO!). These crazy moments prove it.—Chris Yuscavage

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