Go Mariah! 3 Reasons I Am Getting Right for the Summer


It’s summer! Plain and simple, there’s no hiding in the summer. In the fall and winter you might be able to layer some things to cover up body parts you don’t want the world to see but in the summer it all comes off. You don’t even have to hit the beach to see summer is a time for toning. The heat from the sun calls for tank tops, short bottoms, and maybe a bare midriff if you can pull it off, which means those areas need to be right.

Confidence! Confidence isn’t synonymous with being thin; it’s about being comfortable in your skin—and those tank tops, short bottoms, and crop tops the summer calls for. When you put in work in the gym, your confidence shoots through the roof and you feel better about showing more of your body throughout this season. The more you see results, the better you feel about yourself and other people will notice that confidence too.