Hair Woes – What’s A Girl To Do?


Step 2

Every living thing needs nourishment, but too often we forget that our tresses fall into that category and so they go without for extended periods of time. Fortunately no matter what stage your hair is in, it can survive if you promptly administer the Hair Nourishing Cream ($22.00) daily and once every couple of weeks you can mix it in with a few drops of the Hair Nourishing Serum ($20.00). This tag team collaboration produces results that are lasting and effective and will prepare your hair for any altering style of your choice.

There are a range of choices featured in this product line that more than live up to the hype. You can visit to choose accordingly.

During your time of rest and release, you can tame your mane by using the styling tools from Hair Rules. They absolutely wont disappoint. From the Kinky Curling Cream ($24.99) to the Wavy Mousse ($21.00), honoring your hair’s natural state will be a gratifying experience once you experience the full effect of these goodies.

Bottom-line is that our hair needs to be exposed from time to time in order to encourage and promote growth and overall health. With the right products and patience, it doesn’t have to be a struggle to achieve this. So step out of that rigid comfort zone and let your hair down!

- Ezinne Ukoha

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