Has Sexting Become an Essential Part of a Relationship?


The thing with sexting is that once you send those pictures to your man, you really don’t know what he will do with them in the future. When you are in the relationship everything is beautiful and you trust that he would never share those pictures with anyone. However, when someone is heart broken or upset, they can be malicious at your expense. This includes putting those very sexual texts and pictures on blast on the Internet or showing them to all of his friends.

And for those of you who cheat, sexting is a surefire way to get caught. A scorned lover will be quick to send that information to your mate.

I understand that sexting can be used to entice your man, but be careful of who you choose to send those very intimate messages and pictures to. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you must participate in this. Never feel pressured to sext, because it can have a horrible backlash if things fall apart one day. –Risa Dixon

Do you think sexting is necessary in relationships?