How Not to Be a Fashion Faux Pas on Easter Sunday


Everybody and they mama will be going to church this Easter Sunday: the folk that haven’t been to church since Christmas and Mother’s Day two years ago before that, along with the saved and sanctified church folk who make an appearance four times during the week and twice on Sunday. It will no doubt be a show, as we all know Easter Sunday is the time to show up and show out in your best and brightest outfit.

There will be the obligatory assortment of ornately designed hats, periwinkle gators on size 12 men’s feet, white panty hose and patent leather pumps and color blocking attempts gone all the way wrong. Because Easter suits are a source of pride and joy in our community, do your best not to bring disgrace to this Black tradition by showing up to church as an absolute fashion faux pas.

While you are primping with getting your hair done, and finalizing the last details of your outfit, here are four fashion tips to keep in mind.