How Soon Should You Start Buying Gifts For Your Man?


Deciding when to start exchanging gifts with a new guy is always a tough call, whether you have J. Lo money or not. Most of us aren’t going to buy a man a new car, but it’s all relative. I’m sure we can name plenty of ladies who’ve maxed out their credit cards or spent their last dollar buying something fancy for a new man early on in the relationship.

There’s really no hard and fast rule to gift giving, but I’d say you shouldn’t think about spending any significant amount of money at least before the three-month mark, preferably even six. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and all sorts of celebratory holidays sometimes get in the way of keeping a strict schedule, but it’s important to know a man is worth spending your hard earned cash on before you get too fancy with the spending. You need to make sure he’s there for you, not what you can buy him. It’s always better to start off small. Down the line you won’t even need a special occasion just to buy something nice, but those are perks that come with a long-term relationship, not a casual fling.

How early do you think couple’s should start exchanging gifts?