How to Break Up With Your BFF


We’ve all heard the saying that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season, and most of the time we are intuitive enough to feel the temperatures of our friendship change, whether we acknowledge it or not. On some of our favorite reality shows, we’ve seen some of the best friendships take a turn for the absolute worst. Jennifer Williams and Evelynn Lazado of Basketball Wives fame, Kim and NeNe on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and probably you and your best friend “Keisha” who you’ve known since high school.

For whatever reason, the tides have changed in your relationship. Whether she broke the #1 girlfriend rule, ‘besties over testes’ or maybe you went off to college and your friend stayed home to go to nail school and now when you come home to visit it seems you have less in common. Or perhaps, one of your friends has wed, and has less time to devote to your friendship that once had you two joint at the hip like Frick and Frack. Whatever the case may be every person is not meant to be in your life forever. But every person does come into your life for a reason, and if you are in tune, there was most probably a valuable lesson that was derived from your former friends presence in your life at a particular time.