How to Break Up With Your BFF


But there are those instances in which some type of trust was broken or there have been repeated infractions of disrespect. In such cases addressing the situation head on can be tricky, but must be done. While some people are confrontational, others may be a bit more mild mannered. So, pick your poison. You may want to address the situation over dinner, through a letter or an email, or a simple phone call. However you decide, keep it classy and try not to result to childish antics and foul language and simply voice to your friend your disappointments. Also, keep an open ear, because you may not be above reproach in the way that you have handled the friendship either. However, if you feel the friendship is irretrievably broken you should express that and move along without bad mouthing your former homegirl, even if she did do some foul shit. The high road is always best.

It can be painful to lose a friend, but be thankful for the times that you were able to share, and the good memories that were formed, and simply keep it pushing. God is only making room to bring more blessings into your life after he finishes pruning your tree.

Count it all joy!