How to Prevent Split Ends and Knots


Preventing Knots

No Harsh Shampoos: Wash in Sections

Again, you want to make sure you use a gentle cleanser that will not cause damage to your hair. When you part your hair into sections before washing, it reduces tangling and the forming of knots.

Use Protective Styling

When you wear your hair out freely, you have the tendency to develop knots. Protective styles like twisting and braiding protect your ends from knots. If you want to wear your hair out, you want to choose stretched styles to avoid the formation of knots.

Stretch your End

Curled up ends can cause knotting.  If you are wearing twists, bantu knots, twist out, you want to make sure you stretch your ends at night. Also, you can set your ends on rollers to stretch your hair out.

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