I Think I’m Almost Done with ‘Basketball Wives’ and ‘Real Housewives’


Despite having a few years on the Basketball Wives crew the Housewives aren’t much better. That’s because, like the other reality ladies, their drama is overly fabricated. On this season of the show, there were relatively few fights—Sheree and Nene got into it, Sheree and Marlo got into it, and other than that, there were a few arguments and disagreements. It’s that fact that makes me wonder what all the fuss was about on the reunion show Sunday night. If these women could manage a 10-day trip in South Africa together without any real problems (aside from Sheree and Marlo), why is it they couldn’t sit on a stage together and have a sensible discussion during the reunion? Sheree and Nene went at it as though they’d been beefing the entire season, but what happened to agreeing to disagree and being done with it? What’s worse is that Nene tried to act as though she was better than everyone else, while proving she’s just as classless by the way she argued and threw shots at the other women. If she thinks growth is such a wonderful thing when is she going to start to show some?

It’s exhausting rather than entertaining to look at these women argue and bicker and banter all day long over absolutely nothing. I’m not sure who’s giving them direction that viewers want to see predictable and unbelievable drama every time we turn in, but they are definitely wrong.