Idaho Man Gives Fake Name to Police With Real Name Tattooed on Arm


Meet 19-year-old Dylan Edward Contreras, an Idaho man who found himself in some heat after giving police a fake name—despite his real name being tatted on his forearm.

According to Huffington Post, Contreras was walking with two other men and a dog before being asked by a Twin Falls police officer for identification due to suspicious behavior. Contreras first identified himself as “Emiliano Velesco,” but a police database search found no records of the name.

So a new search was conducted using Contreras’ birthday and the last name seen inked on his forearm, and what did police find? Three warrants for “failure to appear on charges,” including one for “providing false information.”

Needless to say, Contreras was arrested. Kids, don’t try this at home. —Stephanie Long