Isiah Thomas Needs A Job! Fired As Coach Of Florida International


Basketball legend Isiah Thomas may be in search of new employment after he was relieved of his head coaching duties with Florida International University (FIU) in Miami this week.

The 12-time NBA All-Star was fired after only three seasons with FIU. During his tenure with the team, he boasted a dismal 26-65 record never managing to use his celebrity status to lure potential recruits or fans. 

The school announced Thomas’ departure in a small statement released by Pete Garcia, director of sports and entertainment at FIU. “We want to thank Isiah Thomas for his three years at FIU. However, we have decided to take the program in a different direction.”

Though Thomas’s tenure with the New York Knicks wasn’t a very successful one he remained a consultant to Knicks owner James Dolan for some years and might have played a role in bringing Carmelo Anthony on board.

So now that the Hall of Famer is free to explore other options could he make his way back to the NBA? Johnathan Cruse