Kanye and Kid Cudi Shooting a Movie Overseas?

Movies & TV

We can all relax: Kanye West is doing something other than reality show stars. While the hip-hop genius has been seemingly dating both a lady and the paparazzi lately, reports coming out of Qatar say that West is working on an opus of a music video. According to The Hollywood Reporter, West has been camped out near Education City, a complex on the outskirts of Doha, working on a long-form video project with rapper Kid Cudi. 

“It’s going to be approximately 30 minutes long, in between a long form music video and short film,” a source told The Hollywood Reporter. “Kanye conceived the story, which is set in the Gulf. It’s supposed to showcase the beauty of the region, a piece that’s culturally sensitive and embraces the customs and traditions of the region.”  

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