3 Reasons Why Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Relationship Won’t Work


1. “Welcome To Heartbreak”
Last time ‘Ye was mending a broken heart, 808s & Heartbreak was born, an experimental musical production that still gets praise today. Then there were the attention-grabbing shots on Chris Brown’s “Deuces (Remix)” and the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that established his artistic genius in angst. Eventually the Chi-town rapper learned better than to run his mouth after Jay told him not to. Still, feelings for his past beaus, especially the soon-to-be-wed Amber Rose, seeped into his verses every once and a while. As golden as his throne was, Yeezy was a lonely king.

Flip to Kim who has been in and out of very public relationships for all of the world to see on E! After a short-lived marriage to New Jersey Net Kris Humphries and many sporadic hook-ups with athletes prior, it’s safe to say that the Armenian romantic may be in love with the idea of loving Kanye but is not emotionally ready to handle actually doing it. The ex-relationship baggage these two carry would be enough to land the flight before it has even taken off.