3 Reasons Why Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Relationship Won’t Work


3. “Heard ‘Em Say”
No need for the falsetto-pitched Adam Levine to serenade us with the fact that nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today. As paparazzi favorites and frequent blog headliners, it’s hard to catch a break from the spotlight that both Kanye and Kim seem to illuminate on a daily basis. The two are very familiar with public romance but won’t be equipped for coupledom of this magnitude. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have mastered the art of controlling the media by letting select details of their personal lives leak out on their own terms (i.e. Baby Blue’s first photos and Beyoncé’s Tumblr of personal snapshots), whereas the double K’s have had their good, their bad and ugly sprawled all over accessible outlets…for years. Their lifestyles have been molded in such a way that they are used to immediate satisfaction, whether on a personal or professional level. They claim to have been friends for years, so why sacrifice the permanence of a platonic partnership? Seeking comfort in one another during a tumultuous time may be a temporary solution to their individual and seemingly ongoing problem: coping with how to be alone, a privilege neither gets. Once they have conquered solitude, then maybe they can work on being together.