Kim Kardashian Sports Kanye West’s Initials As Earrings


If the romantic rumors between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian aren’t true, the reality personality’s recent fashion choices haven’t helped slow the gossip.

The 30-something-year-old celeb was spotted in LAX sporting gold stud earrings that spell out “K” and “W,” the initials of her rumored beau. Among this small gesture of affection, the two stirred the buzz this weekend with all the quality time they’ve spent with each other.

Strolling around NYC? Check. “Caught” dining out? Check. Tweeting pictures of matching kicks? Check and Check!

It’s safe to note that this publicity stunt is well on its way.

Love is a good thing, but can we be sure that’s it’s the real deal with these two? They’ve gone from being the most talked about individuals to media’s most talked about twosome. Come on, why wouldn’t they capitalize off of one another’s notoriety. We just hope Kanye knows what he’s doing. We’ve seen what Kim will do to maintain her reality star fame, and we don’t want Mr. West to be a casualty of her empire.