The Evolution of La La: From TRL to Her ‘Full Court Life’


In last night’s episode of La La’s Full Court LifeLa La got in trouble with Po and Dice for ignoring the two after she invited them to a Knicks v. Phoenix game. Instead, she went with songstress and friend, Monica. Po and Dice first felt like ‘La took their friendship for granted, but after a quick pow-wow, the mini beef was squashed. All agreed that Dice and Po have been with La La from the start. So, what was the start?

La La Anthony has become the “sister I never had” to a lot of people throughout the nation over the years. She’s admired for her down-to-earth nature and comedic tendencies, but overall, for just keeping it real, humble and having fun. Reminiscing on the beginning stages of her career, we decided to create a brief timeline of the New York bred mother and wife’s defining moments made public.

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