Ladies, Can You Turn a Blind Eye to Cheating?


There are a lot of women in this world who have been cheated on and stayed in the relationship. The hardest part seems to be admitting it.

It is, honestly, quite a humiliating experience. Not only are you clouding your mind with thoughts of why your partner stepped out on you, but also you’re searching for why you love him or her enough to stay. Time heals all wounds, yes, but the amount of mental unraveling that happens in the meantime is the absolute pits. Luckily for those who have not been cheating on, you’ve been blessed with the option to watch these situations unfold with friends, on reality TV or on none other than Twitter.

Royce Reed, mother to Dwight Howard’s son Braylon, found out some less-than-pleasing news about her fiancé Dezmond Briscoe. He admitted to sending his baby’s mother some freaky text messages, but solely because he wanted to keep things PC between him and his old lady. (Right.)

The Basketball Wives star was visibly torn up. Her tweets read that she was “heartbroken,” while her fans were egging her to leave her new boo. There’s absolutely no evidence of him actually sleeping with his ex, but this is still some rather suspect behavior.

Think she can truly turn a blind eye to cheating or the potential of it? Other reality personalities have done so by giving their men room to “be men” or upping their standards until their men planned on becoming monogamous. Interestingly, they never really leave the relationship.

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