Lady Gaga Causes Stir Over #PopSingersDontEat Tweet


Pop icon Lady Gaga was once a strong voice of self-acceptance and positive body image, but she is now being criticized for a “careless” tweet to her cult-like following.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (April 10), the controversial star tweeted:

After the update circled the ‘net, media critics have fired back in extreme displeasure. “They” feel this creates too much pressure for young girls who look up to the (hypocritical?) Mother Monster.

MTV writer Nicole James is one of the media voices who is sensitive to Gaga’s words.

“I totally get that it was (probably) mostly a joke, and that you actually do eat food items from time to time, but so many young dudes and dudettes turn to your Twitter page for inspiration and encouragement.”

She adds, “By you even joking about the fact that “pop singers don’t eat,” you’re sending a totally bummer message to some really vulnerable kids.”

Since the Born This Way singer hasn’t taken her Twitter hashtag down, could it really have been in jest? How responsible should we hold pop stars in matters such as these?