Lil B Announces Rock Album, Talks Reuniting With Lil Wayne and Shocking Collabo


Few sane students ever delight in attending an evening class, but at 8:30 p.m. yesterday the cool kids of New York University stood attentive for a full 80 minutes to experience a rare seminar by who their Program Board Director announced as “the one and only Lil B.”

Cue the ethereal soundtrack. No really, because that’s exactly what followed. Except 23-year-old Brandon McCartney countered his smoky entrance music by ambling on stage in the simplest, though of course, oddest of all professor ensembles: his signature holed up vans, highlighter yellow tee, spring scarf and a sparkly red bindi (which was later given away). The always perplexing Bay Area based god came with an off-the-top ethos that centered on treating every human like “a golden million dollar baby” aka all-positive-everything.

However B’s syllabus wasn’t completely dedicated to stuttering sentiments on peace and love, during a Q&A session, the based God updated students on his future professional endeavors, which includes a rock album possibly titled California Boy. “I’ve already made history with rap,” he says. “This is going to be real garage-punk… this is going to be for the rebels.”

Perhaps a move kindled by one of the few industry men he calls family, fellow oddball king Lil Wayne. The two collaborated last July for “Grove St. Party” and after praising all of Young Money, the lord of zShare hinted at a future track with Weezy. “To see how much love he had for me and to know that he knew how much love I had for him, just know that’s not the last [song of ours].

But don’t let that scrunch your forehead, Lil B —who’s reunited with The Pack— also assured pupils that he’s “got a song with the biggest star on earth.” Lady Gaga? Kanye West? Justin Bieber? The based god would like us to wait patiently in positivity. Let his trippy NYU gig be proof that the based movement is still marching on. —Tracy Garraud

Photo via NYU Local

Lil B Lectures at NYU from NYU Local on Vimeo.