Lil Wayne’s Entourage in Trouble for Allegedly Terrorizing Photographer


Lil Wayne’s entourage is in a bit of trouble after terrorizing a photographer, according to TMZ.

According to a police report, the photographer decided to snap some pictures after spotting Wayne and his crew skateboarding near a “no skateboarding” sign. Once it started to rain, however, the group made their way out, so the photographer followed them to their car to take more pictures.

And that’s when the madness started. As one can imagine, Lil Wayne wasn’t thrilled about the photog’s dogged interest, so he allegedly ordered his entourage to confiscate his camera.

About eight men closed in on the cameraman, intimidating him into deleting the photos, spitting in his face, shoving him to the ground, and vandalizing his bicycle with a skateboard.

When all was said and done, the photographer ran to the Miami Beach Police Station to file the report.

Calls to Weezy’s reps have yet to be returned. —Stephanie Long