Lottery Officials Say Mega Millions Winners Are Just Rumors


Following the string of controversy surrounding an alleged Mega Millions lottery winner in Maryland, Lottery officials are saying there has yet to be a confirmed winner.

Self-proclaimed Mega Millions Winner, Mirlande Wilson, is still under fire with former co-workers for not planning to share her winnings after taking their money for a lottery pool.

Though she argues that she purchased the winning lottery ticket separately, lottery officials in Maryland are still waiting for proof of an official winner.

“Until or unless someone walks through the door with that ticket, and it’s verified as the winner, we don’t have any lead on anybody,” said Maryland Lottery spokeswoman Carole Everett to Fox News. “There is a winner somewhere, but we don’t know who they are yet.”

Everette isn’t sold at all on Wilson’s story and suspects that she may not really have won. “Based on what has happened in the past, most people need a second to breathe and then seek counseling or advice,” she explained to ABC News. “It would be highly unusual for someone to go get this out to the newspaper before coming to us. I’d be surprised.”

Maryland, Kansas and Illinois boast the three winners, who will receive equal portions of the $656 million jackpot with $218 million before taxes and $105 million after.

Winners in Maryland and Illinois have several months to claim the prize while the Kansas winner has up to one year. Though the Illinois winner must be identified, Kansas and Maryland winners have the option of anonymity.

Winners of all three states have yet to come forward and any current attempts to reach Wilson have proven unsuccessful. — Jazmine Gray