Love And Hip-Hop’s Somaya Reece Goes From 40E Cup Size To…


Reality TV star Somaya Reece is looking a lot less busty these days.

Plenty of women pine for bigger chesticles, but the Love And Hip-Hop cast member felt weighed down by her 40E cup size. Yikes. So the aspiring rapper underwent breast reduction surgery to help drop the heavy load and ease the back pain that comes with it. 

Before the surgery, Reece was almost a double E. She’s been documenting her journey on YouTube.

“My experience has not been as horrible as I thought for my breast reduction. I’m very happy with the size. It’s funny ’cause I wanted them smaller,” she says in her YouTube video. “They look a lot bigger than what the sizes are, and I’m pretty happy about that. It’s a size C, D.”

According to Reece’s Twitter, she’s got three more weeks of recovery. She’s lost 20 pounds in the process.