Mac Miller Shuts Down the Roseland Ballroom on “Macadelic” Tour


It was the high school dance that no parent wanted their child to go to yet had no choice but to chaperone.

Mac Miller invaded the Roseland Ballroom Wednesday night for his “Macadelic” tour to the pleasure of the tween/teens in attendance and the dismay of their elders. Rich with the smell of green and teen spirit, the sold-out venue was filled with highschoolers in fitted caps and shredded Mac tees, all excited to extend their curfews for a simple glimpse of Pittsburgh’s own. Miller took an aesthetically pleasing and well-transitioned stroll through his discography, starting with his record-breaking debut, Blue Slide Park, the first album to crack the top spot on the charts from an Indy artist in years.

Miller took his “Party on 5th Ave” to 52nd and Broadway, throwing it back to the no-name days of “Frick Park Market.” Revisiting his previous mixtapes, the 2010 K.I.D.S. (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Shit) and I Love Life, Thank You, the 20-year-old lyricist started a riot of jumping adolescents that uttered every word of each single performed. The decorations were appropriate for the “Macadelic” occasion including montages of a young Mac spitting “Rapper’s Delight,” kaleidoscopic images and multicolor laser beams, which complemented the life-size mushroom-covered stage.

With two-and-a-half wardrobe changes (rocking a camo overcoat to a white patterned tee to a black ensemble with his signature cap for each outfit), Miller had no problem engaging with the slightly younger audience, preaching about chasing dreams (whether it be becoming a doctor or a drug dealer) and how he never would have made music without them.

“A lot of parents think I’m f–ked up and corrupted but let me clear the air,” the 5’6” emcee said. “Raise your hand if you got a dream, and raise your hand if you like to get f–ked up.”

After an eruption of cheers, Mac unexpectedly dissociated from the crowd. “That’s not me, man,” shrugging off the bad habits for the sake of the parents. “But it’s ok,” he assured. “It’s who you are.”

It’s this desire to remain original that got one of today’s most popular white rappers since Eminem the recognition the youngin’s have no problem giving him. Closing his set with his viral hit “Donald Trump,” which has peaked over 55 million views on YouTube, Mac invited the stans, groupies and first-time witnesses to get loud.

“Scream ‘Take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump shit,” he commanded as the crowd obediently responded, “Look at all this money, ain’t that some shit?” – Adelle Platon

Mac Miller will be returning to New York on Aug. 2nd for the “Under The Influence of Music” Tour with Wiz Khalifa and special guests Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Chevy Woods.