Maryland Will Hold Press Conference About New Mega Millions Winner


The state of Maryland will hold a press conference today after announcing the Mega Millions winner has come forward. Yesterday (Apr. 9), a state winner was officially announced.

Carole Everett, a spokeswoman for the state lottery, told reporters the winner does not want to be identified and will not be present at the press conference. In total, three winners have stepped forward, one in Illionois, Kansas and Maryland.

There’s been much debate over the authenticity of the state’s winner. Last week, a McDonalds worker claimed to hold a winning ticket but quickly denied he claims after arguments over the ticket belonging to a pool started at her job ensued. The woman, Mirande Wilson, declined further comment.

Previously, Everett denied a winner in the East Coast state.

“Until or unless someone walks through the door with that ticket, and it’s verified as the winner, we don’t have any lead on anybody,” said Maryland Lottery spokeswoman Carole Everett to Fox News. “There is a winner somewhere, but we don’t know who they are yet.”