Match My Fly


A wise [wo]man once said: “If his status ain’t hood, I ain’t checkin for him. Better be street if he looking at me.”

Coincidentally enough, the same scholar also spoke of Audemars Piguet watches, dimples in neckties, Hermes briefcases, Cartier tie clips, and silk-lined blazers. Alright fine, I’m speaking of no ingenious philosopher here, just Beyoncé. But the point is: Vixens all look for different things when it comes to our ideal mate’s sense of style. Whether you lean towards the rough and rugged Tupac’s, fashion savvy Pharrell’s or always-dapper Diddy’s of the world, there are still general areas that all men should give attention to, in order to keep themselves up. We can’t possibly be expected to maintain top-notch hair, nails, skin, bodies and style with nothing in return. Ha!

Dear fellas: Here are eight things men should take note of in order to match our fly!