Match My Fly


Teeth: A beautiful smile is like that divine cream cheese icing upon a warm red velvet cupcake—to die for! And while we know every man doesn’t have perfect teeth, it would be nice for them to be kept clean and white! Even a slight gap or gold tooth is kinda cute to me. Really, it adds character! But sir, if your car is candy-painted on twenty-fo’s while your teeth are looking like the yellow brick road, Houston, we have a problem!

Hair: Now I, myself, have a “thing” for either long, well-kept locs or a fresh cut with that perfect line. Yes! But hair preference varies vastly from one woman to the next. Whatever style you decide upon should at the least be kept clean. Even a grungy Justin-Bobby ‘do is deserving of some shampoo every now and then.

Scent: Mmmmm, there’s nothing more sexy than a nice-looking, well-dressed man who smells good. A woman’s sense of smell is very sensitive and closely tied to memory. Surprise us with a subtle spritz of something good, and watch us embrace you just a little bit tighter when we hug. Note: Please don’t get trigger happy, spraying every limb and ligament. If I can’t breathe when you walk into the room, the date won’t last long.

Feet: I don’t care too much if my boo is a construction worker or high level executive–bad feet are bad business. Granted, I’m not looking for a man who has a standing bi-weekly Chocolate Pedicure appointment, but guys should be conscious of your man-toes. Please, pull out the nail file and clippers every once in a while, because scratching your woman up under the covers won’t get you far.

Attitude: At the end of the day, guys, we don’t expect you to be “fashionistos,” but we do appreciate a positive attitude, open mind and willingness to put half as much thought and effort into your appearance as we do ours. Be fair. We don’t always wear skin-tight dresses and five-inch heels because we want to; it’s a temporary compromise we make to look good for ourselves and you! Return the favor, why don’t you, and step ya game up . . . Match our Fly!