Natural Options to Help Tone Your Bottom


There used to be a time when jugs were a lady’s main feature, but now it’s all about the booty.

People have become so wrapped around the butt that they’ve resulted to in-home silicone butt injections. We’re not against the medical procedure, but the protrusion of the thighs, lopsided hips and unnatural look from improper handling and care is not what’s up.

Apparently, silicone can be bought anywhere. Good for your butt; bad for you. Here’s why: doctors use a medical-grade of silicone and mixtures. Outside of the hospital, there’s no telling what’s being used to mix the silicone at hand. The scary part is that it doesn’t matter what’s used to mix it, as long as it’s not too watery or thick, it’ll help shape your area. Side effects from the chemicals in store-bought silicone and improper mixtures include infections, burns and peeling. In a worst case scenario, the silicone can even break off, enter the bloodstream and cause blood clots.

Women go through a lot of work to look good, but there are less risky options when it comes to the butt. Your backend should not define you, but if you want to define it, there are natural ways of doing so. The junk is already in the trunk; you just have to organize it.

Check out the following the tips on how to tone, shape and lift your bum without the hassle and health risks of butt injections.