New Mixtape: Traphik ‘Cruise Control’


Everyone’s favorite asian YouTube personality, Traphik, also known as Timothy DeLaGhetto, gets back in the booth for his latest mixtape Cruise Control.

Known for his visual antics on the small screen that has gained well over 397 million views, DeLaGhetto dropped his new tape on April 1st and was quick to point out it was no April Fool’s joke – he’s still capable of banging out hits. Coming off his 2011 MixedApe tape, the 26-year-old Long Beach native proves he’s living good with a compilation of smooth, be-easy tracks. He brings along a solid group of artists for the ride including Brooklyn’s own Dyme-A-Duzin and a surprise appearance from Jin. Ladies like Tori Kelly and Erika David also get thrown in the mix.

It’s evident that Traphik has matured since his debut album Rush Hour, released on iTunes in 2009. He dabbles in his relationship with his current girlfriend (“Magnetic” featuring Tori Kelly), apologizes to his past ladies (“All The Girls”), reps his people (“I Did It”) and acknowledges his winning ways (“Charlie Sheen” with Dumbfoundead and Jin).

“Now I’m older, a little more experienced, and my life is in a really nice place,” Traphik said. “I just bought a condo, I’m in love with a beautiful girl, and everything that I’ve been working hard for is really paying off, which is why this mixtape is called Cruise Control.”

If there was ever any wonder if DeLaGhetto will trade in the chill vibes for a more aggressive sound, he is quick to say that it’s in the near future.

“Don’t trip,” he says. “I def plan on GOIN HARD on the next one!”

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