New Videos: Sabi Feat. Wale, Chae Hawk, Wyclef Jean, Bow Wow, Belly, Kevin Rudolf


New music videos for your viewing pleasure.

1. Sabi (feat. Wale) – “Where They Do That At?”

Catchy track, but we can’t deny the Aaliyah steez that we get from this video—from her looks down to the guest rapper (see: “Come Back In One Piece” feat. DMX). Nostalgic or creepy? We haven’t decided yet.

2. Chae Hawk – “Heartlock”

One of the new additions to the new hip-hop/dubstep trend. We actually like this one though. Make sure you peep the skull-faced chicks in fishnets doing head spins at the end. Nice!

3. Wyclef Jean – “Justice (If You’re 17)”

A great Trayvon Martin tribute video with a hard-hitting message. Plus, after seeing George Zimmerman recently get released on bail, we have to agree with you ‘Clef!

4. Bow Wow – “Drank In My Cup (Wizzle Mix)”

Hmm…Bow Wow with hipster glasses, a fedora, and singing in auto-tune? We think he may be spending a little bit too much time around Lil Wayne.

5. Belly (feat. Snoop Dogg) – “I Drink, I Smoke”

Just in time for 4/20—which we hope you all enjoyed! Whether you smoke or not, you can’t deny the dope Inception feel you get from the raining marijuana.

6. Kevin Rudolf – “Don’t Give Up”

Cash Money’s alternative rocker takes the city by storn with a Darth vader mask in this ‘feel-good-vibe’ video. Looks like a typical day in NYC to us!