Nicki Minaj Addresses Lady Gaga Comparisons: “We Are In Completely Different Lanes”


Enough with the Lady Gaga comparisons already. Nicki Minaj is setting the record straight.

Last night the rapper sat down with Juju Chang on ABC’s “Nightline,” where she was asked whether she takes offense to all the Mama Monster comparisons.

“Offend me? No. Irks me? Yeah, because we are in completely different lanes,” Nicki responded.

She continued, “First of all, I’m a rapper. First of all, I’m from Southside Jamaica, Queens, and I could say some really crazy lyrics right now, but I won’t.”

Nicki then flipped the script on Chang by asking what parallels she sees between the two artists.

“The wigs,” Chang pointed out. “The over-the-top costumes.”

“Every female in this game wears wigs,” Nicki retorted. “Over the top costumes? Eeh, try again.”

Watch the quick clip below. —Stephanie Long

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