Nicki Minaj Talks Deleting Twitter and Defines “Beez In The Trap” on ‘The Graham Norton Show’


The British Barbz were in for a treat when Nicki Minaj stopped by the Graham Norton show on Friday (April 20) alongside actor Mark Ruffalo and comedian John Bishop in the UK. The host chops it up with the Roman rapstress about the definition of “Beez in the Trap” and why Nicki’s social media Twitter “country” of 11 million followers might have to wait for her return. –Adelle Platon

Deleting Twitter

“A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and I did. I hope they’ll wait for me. I know they will. I reply to people all the time, I’m known for that and I get to know them by name. I have a personal bond with them. I respond to at least 10 people a day.”

Becoming a Rapper

“I don’t really ever remember that stuff. I remember I wanted to be an actress first and then I went to school for acting and then I started, I always loved music ‘cause my mom would sing all the time. Singing was a little boring so I was like you know what, let me start rapping. I’ve been really doing it for sucha long time. I’ve put out three mixtapes and then kaboom, I was signed with Lil Wayne and this is my second album”

Meaning of “Beez In The Trap”

“It just means that’s a saying I am always. That’s our slang way of “I beez doin such and such” so it’s like I’m always in the trap. Now the trap, ladies and gentlemen, refers to anywhere that you get your money.”

Defining “Balloon Boy”

“Remember back in America with the balloon boy? His parents said that he was in a balloon and I did a rap, “You like balloon boy, mama, you ain’t never here.” Because I’m passionate about children and I just wanna eat them up and kiss them when I see them and when I saw Balloon Boy, he looked so precious and I was like, “You know what? I’m gonna make him the honorary oracle of Barb Nation” and he became some like godly force in the Barb nation.”

Working Out

“Being on stage keeps you fit. It’s like cardio. When I’m on tour, I lose a lot of weight. When I’m at home, I have to do so much to lose it. I get on the elliptical machine and that one does it for me. I’ll do it for 30 minutes every day. That’s when I’m in my workout mode.”

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