Penis Envy: 3 Point Plan To End A Bad Case of Dickmatization


From WWMD – All it takes is one ambitious pelvic thrust for love and lust to pull the old switcharoo on a chick. Lone behold, this shameful diagram stating the ugly truth: If his vehicle can manage to wedge a space in parking lot 2, she’s doomed! Why? Because a flutter of endorphins romantically gather into a glowy dew around your lover and it’s about this time that panties and discretion are tossed aside and that sticky dickmatization takes wrap. If the first time you’ve ever declared your love for a guy was during his midstroke, chalk it up as G-spot hysterics girl. How is it that someone who was once only eligible for your 4-lettered kinky commands and is now the recipient of your 4-lettered commitment? Nah! You don’t love this guy, you love how he made you feel, and one of those two are not like the other!

It’s a slippery slope for women who grow attached to a guy because of his remarkable ability to make love, completely negating his willingness to actually fall in love. But as always no worries ladies, as you give him your front, we gothcya back So sweet chickies, we’ve devised a 3 point plan to help you loosen the undeniable grip of great stick. Consider it a prophylactic treatment, peep and apply:

3. Document and Archive His Flaws
Quite simply because you will undeniably dilute them post-nut! Once you learn that you’re dealing with a heavy-weight champ, muster up as much brain power possible, tear your self from that obsessive replay has replaced your former daydreams, and grab a pen and pad. Make a list of his flaws, the things that irk the heat of you. Fold the paper into columns and in the second, make a list of your deal breakers that apply to him. Throw the list in your panty drawer, right next to your red light specials. Reference it regularly: the flaw list is the reality check that every woman should be referencing from time and time to help you remind you that he is no demigod, and visibly mortal in more rachet ways than one. The deal breaker list is to keep your standards in tact. This is not to say that every slam list you create is iron clad. No that’d be silly. There should definitely be minor exceptions for the man you fall in love with — just not for the man you fall in lust with.

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