Pieces to Keep: Winter to Spring Fashion Tips


1. Ankle boots/Booties

Contrary to popular belief, boots can actually prove complimentary to a chic spring ensemble. Though longer-length boots may be a bit much with the rising temperatures, shorter boots can be chicly paired with skirts, shorts and bare legs. Still not a believer? Try a peep-toe bootie for a little warm weather flair.

2. Cardigans/Blazers

Used for layering and added warmth in the winter, these pieces can serve as outerwear on rainy spring days or cool spring nights. Darker colored blazers and cardigans can be paired with bright bottoms or accessories to give your outfit a pop of color. Don’t rule knits out during spring either: pair a knit with a camisole or tank top for comfort.

3. Scarfs/Pashminas

During the cold winter months, color and prints can be found most frequently on winter accessories. While you may not be able to bring your hat and gloves into the new season, a brightly colored or animal print scarf can work well with blacks, whites and beige tones in a warmer weather get-up.

4. Leggings/Jeggings

Leggings are an all-year-round piece that can work in the coldest temperatures for layering. For a spring transition, leggings can stand alone, with bright sleeveless tops or bright shoes and accessories. While you may want to use the spring sun as an opportunity to show off your legs, leggings may work for the faint of heart who still want to get their sexy on.