Pieces to Keep: Winter to Spring Fashion Tips


5. Patterned Tights

Ladies also enjoyed pops of color this winter with bright colored or patterned tights. Usually worn with knee-length boots and knits skirts in freezing temperatures, tights can bring the fun to spring fashion. For a bit of a quirky spring look, try a crop top with shorts, tights and flats. One good way to balance a covered leg in the spring, is exposure of the arms and mid-drift.

6. Leather

Before things really heat up, leather pieces may be able to have another go-round. Most commonly worn in the spring, leather jackets are the go-to outwear piece on cooler spring days. Leather shorts, vests and leggings can also work with tank tops and open-toe shoes. Another spring balancing tip: pair heavy fabrics with lighter ones. If you’re going for leather shorts or pants, a sheer shirt will make a good complementary piece.

7. Denim

Denim is yet another year-round fashion staple. Denim shirts, in particular, were a prominent trend this fall/winter season, and can be brought into the spring. The simplest of transitional pieces, denim shirts can easily be paired with shorts, or buttoned down for a bit more exposure. Brights can also be thrown in the mix for a bit of spring flair.