Vixen Chat: Po Johnson Talks New Music, Being in Love and Spunky Style


Po Johnson is a familiar face these days. Being an edgy staple on La La’s Full Court Life, the quirky (and quite spunky) Houston native is a likeable cast member whose storyline continues to develop and grab the attention of viewers. Beyond the cameras, reality TV and the shadows of her famous friends, she’s creating a name for herself. She eagerly explains that she lives in the studio, inching closer to the release of her EP. Thus far, iTunes singles “Super Kinda Psycho Sexy Love” and “Do It Again” have gained considerable buzz, allowing the rocker to build a very real platform for her artistry.

Well, just who is the blonde-haired bestie to La La Anthony and Dice? What is the music going to sound like? On a sunny day in NYC, Vixen answers just that and learns more about this stylish revolutionary chick. From a very shy past, the real Po emerges.

Watch as the 20-something-year-old defines who she is as a woman and musician, explains her style and, most of all, lets us know exactly who she is as an individual.

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