Questions Arise After Shooting of 68-Year-Old Ex-Marine


Answers are being sought after White Plains police shot and killed former marine and Winbrook Houses resident Kenneth Chamberlain. 

68-year-old Chamberlain, who was a Marine Corps veteran and former correction officer, accidentally set off the medical alert system in his house which was placed there because of his serious heart condition.

After accidentally activating the device in his sleep, medical assistance arrived at his home along with the police. 

Though Chamberlain told them through the door that he was alright, one of the cops was recorded responding, “I don’t give a f**k, n****r, open the door,” before forcing their way into the apartment.

While the other responders attempted to sedate Chamberlain by stunning him and shooting beanbags, a cop instead chose to shoot him twice, killing him. Though it is unclear what his reasoning was,  according to the Daily News, the same cop was previously involved in a federal civil rights suit after an alleged nightstick beating.

Though the event took place back in November, only now is the case being brought to a grand jury. In response to questions about the length of time that had elapsed since the shooting, spokesman for Westchester Country’s district attorney, Janet DiFiore,  noted that serious investigations take time.

A  grand jury will now decide whether or not the cops are criminally liable for Chamberlain’s death in addition to whether or not the shooter had reasonable cause to believe Chamberlain was a threat. — Jazmine Gray