Rare 1980s Footage of RUN-DMC, LL Cool J & Hip-Hop Legends (Trailer)


Something for the old heads (and young’ns on their hip-hop history grind) is about to drop and make them do ‘The Wop’ (look it up). A time capsule of a film gem from Hip-Hop days long ago is finally going to be released to the masses. Big Fun In The Big Town is the outstanding cultural documentry on Hip-Hop’s early success rise in the mid-80s, just as the genre was about to break into the mainstream and crush the world with style, aggression and urban flair. Dutch filmmaker Bram Van Splunteren, takes us on a trip through 1986 New York City, where a ravenous hustler named Russell Simmons is on his come-up with Def Jam Records, LL Cool J is spittin’ freestyle rhymes in the middle of the street, Marley Marl is cuttin’ live on the radio and Doug E. Fresh breaks down his beat-boxing formula. Peep the scene and learn or reminese about the days of thunder and how they tell the tale of today and tomorrow.

All of the rare goodies in Big Fun In The Big Town will be available for purchase on May 22. If you would like to preorder, hit up Amazon here. To learn more about Bram Van Splunteren, check his website www.bramvansplunteren.nl.

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