Rare Biggie Interview From His 'Warning' Video Shoot Hits the Net

Ever since Tupac hit the stage this past weekend at Coachella—and yes, it still feels weird saying that—the public has been going haywire at the possibilites of who could be revived next. At the top of the list for hip-hop fiends around the world was none other than The Notorious B.I.G., who was fatally slain in 1997 after a VIBE party in L.A. While we wait to see whether Diddy will cough up however much it'll cost to bring the big man back, here's an alternate treat for the Biggie fans out there.

A rare interview just hit the net of the iconic Brooklyn rapper from behind-the-scenes of his video for "Warning," the street single off his debut album Ready To Die. In the interview, BIG discusses his favorite track off the album, his feelings of hearing himself on the radio for the first time, and even a quick glimpse of his then 13 month old daughter T'yanna Wallace. This one is definitely a rare gem for our viewing pleasure. R.I.P. Big Poppa! —Keenan Higgins

Check out the full interview below, and also some extra footage from "Warning" in the video further down:

Video Source: Welcome to the video source. The house is fat, the video looks like it’s gonna be fat. Another fat video. Let’s talk about record sales. How’s the record doing? I know it’s got to be like half gold. You know it’s going platinum.

BIG: We’re doing our thing.

Video Source: Touring a lot?

BIG: Nah, we just finished this promotional tour me and Craig but we’re bout to go out I think on the 22nd.

Video Source: Now I want to get into the album and the album is mad suicidal tendencies and then at the end, I think you commit suicide. What’s that about?

BIG: Just wildin’, just buggin’ out.

Video Source: My favorite cut on the album is the one with the red dot on the head.

BIG: That’s what we shooting tonight, “Warning.”

Video Source: What’s your favorite cut?

BIG: Everyday struggle. That’s my jam.

Video Source: Oh yeah? What I wanna know is what were you doing when you first heard your song on the radio and how’d it make you feel?

BIG: What song you talking about? Like the very first time I ever heard my voice?

Video Source: Exactly.

BIG: I was in the chicken spot around my way and me and my boys, we was hustlin’ and I heard the “Real Love” remix. I was buggin’. We was buggin’. It ain’t nothing. I don’t even need to be trippin’ off that as long as my peoples is with me, my peoples is having a good time, my moms is alright, my daughter’s alright, it’s all good. That fame, I leave that alone. That’s where the ego starts. They start hating you and they really wanna stick you for your paper for real.

Video Source: Now, you mentioned your number and your daughter, how’s your relationship with your mother?

BIG: Now? We alright now. I’m getting a little bit of paper so you know she’s chillin’.

Video Source: And what’s your daughter’s name?

BIG: T’yanna

Video Source: Oh, close to mine.

BIG: I got a picture. Can we get a little close up on my BABY?

Video Source: Oh, she’s adorable.

BIG: Get a little close up on love, she’s 13 months. Spit her out boy. This my semen right here.

Video Source: So how is it being Biggie?

BIG: It’s big. Notorious B.I.G. It’s the first time cause I got some papers in the mail. The original Biggie Smalls said he’s gonna sue me for everything I got if I use his name again. We gotta get some kind of money so please, anybody if you see me, my name is the Notorious B.I.G. You can call me BIG, Notorious, whatever. No more Biggie Smalls. That is dead, wet. Please don’t ever call me that again cause I’ll be coming to your house to eat when I’m dead ass broke. For real, they ain’t playing. They’re real serious this time.

Video Source: So how long has it been in the making? How long you been doing this?

BIG: About two years, two and a half.

Video Source: Now way back when you had the red and black lumber jack with the hat to match, rap was different.

BIG: No doubt.

Video Source: The whole game was different.

BIG: I wasn’t involved in the rap game back then. I was more so just a street n*gga.

Video Source: So how do you feel it is now? Like you’re definitely the heavyweight contender for the East Coast. We’re throwing you out there.

BIG: It’s all good. I can take the weight. I’m that real n*gga, ain’t no frontin’ with me. I keeps it real. Whatever y’all wanna hear, y’all gonna hear it from me cause I don’t bite my tongue for no one. I’m the real one. Whatever, bring it.

Video Source: So what’s next?

BIG: What’s next? Well we got “Big Poppa” and at the end of “Big Poppa,” I bring my broad home. My beeper goes off, it’s 5:46 in the morning so we’re gonna shoot this “Warning” joint on some straight up Scarface, bustin’ gats, real “Thuggish Ruggish Bone. “ Then we just gonna jump on this tour, come back, just be on. I’m ‘bout to start working on a new album, my group ‘bout to come out Junior M.A.F.I.A. They’ll be out by the spring. It’s on man. It’s time to get that Big Poppa bills. I’m tired of renting these cribs out for $250. I wanna do it at my spot.

Video Source: I heard that. So what’s it like working with Puffy?

BIG: We cool. He bout to stress me right now. There he go. My n*gga.

Video Source: So thanks a lot. Thank you for having us.

BIG: No problem.

Video Source : Definitely gonna big all of your videos up.

BIG: Cause it’s real. Represent. And don’t play Kwame cause he’s wack. You want me to drop a little something? Video Source? Check it out, it’s the Notorious B.I.G. macking with my people on Video Source. If you don’t know, now you know.

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