Royce Reed and Dezmond Briscoe Getting Married Despite Baby Mama Twitter Beef


Just Monday night “Basketball Wives’” Royce Reed was involved in a social media battle with the mother of her boyfriend Dezmond Briscoe’s son on twitter, today she’s getting married to the man accused of cheating on her—or at least trying to—just last month.

In an attempt to come to Royce’s defense over news that Dez is cheating on Royce—which stems from “freaky texts” his baby mama blasted all over Twitter yesterday, showing sexuality explicit things Dez supposedly wants to do to her—Kenya Bell sent out a tweet with some breaking news on the couple: They’re getting married.

Specifically, Kenya said Royce is getting married now. We’re not sure if that’s now, like right now, today now; or if it’s Dez put a ring on it, they’re engaged now; or if Kenya’s just predicting the couple’s future, but Royce did send a response that confirms she has every intention of becoming Mrs. Briscoe. Her response that Kenya let everything out of the bag definitely sounds like Evelyn won’t be the only Basketball Wife walking down the aisle soon, maybe even this year.

While I’m happy for Royce, especially after seeing her and her boo share some love on-screen Monday night, I just hope she double-checked the accuracy of those texts Dez’s baby mama put on blast. Walking down the aisle to wed a cheater would not be what’s up. Beyond that, I think someone’s BBW story line is about to heat up.