Royce Reed Asks Judge to Lift Gag Order


Although it seems Basketball Wives star Royce Reed attempts to remain drama free in the current season of the show, she can’t seem to catch a break in her personal life. Previously reported, Dwight Howard, the father of her only child, imposed a legal gag order on Royce preventing her from discussing any personal matters concerning him or their son. The gag order simply states that if Royce mentions any of their personal business in the media, she would have to cough up a hefty fee of $500,000. She recently went against the terms and had to pay up, but now Royce is begging the judge to lift the gag order, so she can expose Dwight for the man he really is.

A source for TMZ revealed that the mother-of-one wants the world to know that Dwight’s mental state is questionable, that he is not morally fit to share custody of their son and that he has a “funny” substance lying around his home that he allegedly exposed to their son. Now mind you, these are all allegations that may not have any truth behind it but, nonetheless, Royce wants to be heard. No word as to whether or not the judge will fulfill her request.