Royce Reed Wants The Right To Publicly Trash-Talk Dwight Howard

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Television isn’t the only place where drama follows Basketball Wives star Royce Reed. Now she’s publicly bringing her baby mama drama to her baby’s daddy, Dwight Howard.

Royce wants to air out Howard so desperately that she has asked for a judge to lift a gag order that forced her to keep her mouth shut. She first agreed to it back in 2009 when she was going through a custody battle with Howard.

After three years of keeping shut, she wants the public to know that he allegedly “is not morally fit to have custody of their son Dwight’s mental state is sketchy, Dwight has funny substances laying around the house the kid shouldn’t see, and she has other horrible things she wants to say about Dwight.”

Royce wants these allegations to be made open for the public to view.

When will these women learn that some things should just be kept private?