Ryan Seacrest Calls Out Girlfriend Julianne Hough for Crushing on ‘American Idol’ Contestant

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Who knew Ryan Seacrest had a jealous side? 

While hosting this week’s American Idol, Seacrest’s girlfriend, Julianne Hough, caught a glimpse of something she liked; 21-year-old contestant, Phillip Phillips. Ryan reportedly confronted Phillip and said, “We were backstage and you ran past my girlfriend and she sighed and blushed,” Seacrest said to Phillips about the encounter, reports Us Weekly. “I think I heard her say ‘yummy.'” 

Following this, he reportedly turned to Hough and said they would be discussing “this” later. Even though Hough got called out, Phillips didn’t seem to mind at all, and thought it was funny. “I ain’t complaining! She’s a gorgeous woman and Ryan’s an awesome guy so they’re an awesome match, I think she got all giddy or something but I don’t know. It was funny,” stated Phillips. 

Seacrest better watch out before he loses his lady to a younger man.