Scott Storch Sued for Allegedly Being Too “Drugged Out” to Produce Album


In more celebrity lawsuit news, producer Scott Storch is being sued by a singer for allegedly being too drugged out to make music she paid him to create (via TMZ).

The disgruntled singer is Treena Ruberg, and she says she paid the superstar producer $45K in October 2011 to produce six bangers for which she paid $30K up front.

Storch did mention having a past problems with drugs, according to Ruberg’s lawsuit, but he assured her they were dead and gone and that he’d have her music done without issue.

But Ruberg says Storch wasn’t a man of his word and “continued to have a drug addiction and other personal problems which rendered him incapable of producing any recordings.”

As a result, she’s seeking to be refunded her $30K, along with an additional $70K for out-of-pocket expenses. —Stephanie Long