Seal Allegedly Wants Half Of Heidi Klum’s $70 Million Fortune in Divorce Settlement


When news broke that legendary singer Seal and Heidi Klum were headed to divorce court in April, it was quite shocking. The decision to part seemed to be mutual and thing appeared like they wouldn’t get messy. I guess we spoke to soon. Seal is reportedly going after half of Heidi’s $70 million fortune.

The two have a post-nupital agreement, but that hasn’t stopped Seal from filing documents that make no mention of it, which could entitle him to half of her money. A legal strategist stated:

“Seal could go after half of everything his wife earned during the marriage. He could also own a piece of her career for years to come since any contract she signed while they were together would be considered community property.”

Sounds like some trouble is brewing up, we just hope a custody battle over the children isn’t next.


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