Seven Murdered in Oakland Christian College Shooting


A former student of a Christian college in Oakland open fired in the school, leaving seven people dead.

Though motives for the shooting are unclear, the police currently suspect 43-year-old One L. Goh to be the gunman.

The gunman fired shots throughout the building causing students to lock themselves inside classrooms to avoid the fire. While there were only about 35 students in the school at the time,  the authorities experienced difficulties in evacuating the building because of all the locked doors. However, SWAT teams were able to force entry into the school and rescue students while armed police stood on guard.  Five victims were pronounced dead on the scene, two died later on in the hospital and three were left with non life-threatening injuries.

The police arrested Goh in front of a shopping center a few miles away from the school nearly two hours after the shooting occurred. According to Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, Goh allegedly hijacked a car and made his way to the shopping center.

Jordan later hosted a news conference addressing the tragedy. “Today was an unprecedented tragedy, shocking and senseless,”he said. “No words can express the gravity of this incident.”

The tragic event ranked amongst the worst shootings California has seen. — Jazmine Gray