Sheree Whitfield Gets Fired From ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’


Rumor has it Sheree Whitfield’s days as a Real Housewife of Atlanta are numbered, and she’s been told exactly how many days she has left—zero.

According to Talking with Tami’s sources, Sheree was flown out to NYC and that’s when Bravo broke the news that they would not be renewing her contract for next season. This news is surprising considering Sheree has been a part of the cast from the very beginning and her storyline isn’t exactly drama-free. Remember that fight in South Africa?

Beyond that, we have seen a softer side of Sheree this season. She seems to be more focused on being a mother, getting child support from her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, and building that Chateau that probably won’t see the light of day if this rumor is true. Plus, we all know what happened to previous cast members who didn’t keep the drama going (moment of silence for DeShawn Snow and Lisa Wu-Hartwell).

Something seems foul herem, but Sheree was noticeably missing from Bravo’s Upfronts for 2012 event yesterday. Maybe they’re moving Sheree out so they can move Marlo in.

What you think?