Should People in Relationships Still Talk to People They Used To Be Intimate With?


Commitment is one word that men often don’t like to hear. Let’s be real, there are even some women whose nose turn up at the mention of it. Some people can do it and, for others, it takes a bit of work. But if you’re going to be serious about a relationship, you have to think about it from all aspects. You may have to limit communication with certain people you were cool with while you were single or even cut them off. One question in particular is whether or not both people in the relationship should still talk to or be friends with people they used to be intimate with.

This is a tricky question, because let’s just say you weren’t in a relationship for two years but you had a sexual partner. Whether you think so or not, unconsciously you may care about the person or even love them, but you don’t see yourself being with them. All of sudden you find yourself with someone that you’re interested in, you pursue, then make it official. What about that person you were busy getting your groove on with while you were playing the field? Should they still be someone you communicate with?