Summer Vacations Off the Beaten Path


Summer is right around the corner, and many Vixens are in the throes of finalizing their summer vacation plans. Places like Paris, Mexico, Jamaica, any number of the islands in the Caribbean and cruise ship vacationing are the norm. But a Vixen is anything but common. In the spirit of off the beaten path adventure, and the requisite all inclusive style vacations, think about exploring some beautiful, exotic locales that are not so run of the mill.

There are about 195 countries in the world, so spin the globe, see where your finger lands and go! There are places and spaces to be discovered that have their very own particular charm and arabesque scenery that you may not have even considered, but is totally worth the pilgrimage. And, also bear in mind that some of the places listed have great currency exchange rates to the American dollar, giving you the opportunity to ball hard if you feel inclined, while you are vacationing.

Here is a list of five places that you may consider going!

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