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The Boombox (AOL) caught up with Monica to talk to her about her reunion with Brandy and upcoming album, New Life. The Atlanta singer gave an in-studio performance and admitted to a possible cross-over to the gospel genre before her career ends:

On her and Shannon Brown’s favorite song off New Life:
“”Man Who Has Everything” was also produced by Rico Love and it had this special meaning to me because my husband used to always say, “You are something so special to me. This type of love can’t be bought.” When we talk about the things that we’ve experienced in life and why we’re so special to one another, this song stood out most to me. “Man Who Has Everything,” it speaks volumes to the fact that a lot of people are defined by the things that they have and the things that they’ve obtained and the things that they’ve done and accomplished, but in a real relationship that’s full of real love, none of that really matters. So, “Man Who Has Everything” is definitely one of our favorites as a couple.”

On the reunion with Brandy:
“Brandy and I just released a single called “It All Belongs to Me.” We’ve discussed going on a tour, and it takes a lot more than just a discussion. What we’ve done is we’ve sat down and talked about the way that it would go, and us co-headlining and being able to take walks through the past, and go through both of our first albums, see one come out, one leave, one come back, one leave again. Something very special so that the audience can feel like they’re having a full experience of both of us as individual artists, but also us in this newfound group we’ve become after reuniting after 14 years since the previous record “The Boy Is Mine.” So, we’re trying to get it together, and hopefully we’ll be on the road by summer. It will take a lot to make that happen, but we’re both dedicated to doing it.” 

On singing gospel:
“After Still Standing, I realized that I’m kinda transitioning. It hasn’t happened quite yet because I still have a lot of self-work I should do before I cross over into that genre. But I definitely would do that. That will definitely be how my story probably ends.”